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Rose Plaza Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:56:22
The Rose Plaza Hotel (Meigui Yueguang Dajiudian) grants guests easy access to a bus station, shopping areas and several tourist sights like the Apeng River.

Rooms with free internet access are provided in this Chongqing hotel.

When it comes to relaxation, guests have a range of choices such as exercising body at the gym, playing a game of ping-pong or billiards, or taking a refreshing dip at the swimming pool.

Rose Plaza Hotel is a set of rooms, catering, entertainment, recreation, leisure in one of the holiday Traders Hotel, located in the Qianjiang district on the west traffic hub area, surrounded by mountains and rivers, the scenery is unique. Rose Plaza Hotel adjacent to the prosperous commercial shopping center, the surrounding scenic spots there are small South China Sea, a Pengjiang, Wuling mountains, Zhuo water town, turtle gorge, is your ideal place for business, travel and leisure.
Rose Plaza Hotel is equipped with indoor swimming pool, sauna, table tennis room, billiards room, gymnasium and a series of sports and recreation facilities, so you can also enjoy the home like relaxed and happy in the business of more than!

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Grand Metropark Hotel Nanjing traffic info

Business zone:Xinjiekou area (city center)
Address:Jiangsu · Nanjing · xuanwuqu - No.319 Zhongshan East Road Xuanwu District Nanjing 210016 China | 480m from Metro Station:Minggugong