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Wulin Relais Residenza DArte, Hangzhou profile

2019/2/16 20:55:18
The EBO brand was founded in hangzhou.Wulin Relais Residenza DArte, Hangzhou designer argues that nature is the best designer, and has won the best hotel design award in 2015, and the design of the trend is to create a harmonious and smooth and comfortable living experience.At the same time,the smart blend of modern technology elements, aesthetic design and Social contact makes accommodation into an interesting trip.It is located in the most prosperous wuling business circle in hangzhou, which is adjacent to the west lake scenic area. Wulin Relais Residenza DArte, Hangzhou is located in the Wulin vientiane park, and has a quiet place in the noisy city.

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Grand Metropark Hotel Nanjing traffic info

Business zone:Xinjiekou area (city center)
Address:Jiangsu · Nanjing · xuanwuqu - No.319 Zhongshan East Road Xuanwu District Nanjing 210016 China | 480m from Metro Station:Minggugong